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Nov 06

What is a computer


A computer is a machine that can carry out instructions and store information

For a computer to function correctly it uses software. This software comes in many forms. For writing a document you would use a word processor, or for looking on the internet you would use an internet browser.

Early computer

This is an Early computer system

The Early Computers and History

The first computer was made by Charles Babbage in the 1830’s. It was not electronic, it was mechanical. It was never really produced until World War 2 by mastermind code analysts and they named it Colossus.

It wasn’t till after World War 2 till the computer was really finalised by Alan Turing in Manchester England. This was when the computer was beginning to be recognised as a very useful tool.

That’s a bit of Computer history.

How a Computer works

There are 4 main elements to a computer.

Hard drive or hdd
Screen or Monitor
Cpu ( central processing unit )
Computer Keyboard and Computer Mouse

The hard drive is where all the information is stored. It’s like a big room full of files and folders and the computer access all this information for you.
The Computer Screen or Monitor is your ability to view what the computer has to show you what you have asked for,
The Cpu is the Brains of the computer. This is the part that makes all the decisions on how to get the information.
The Computer Keyboard and Mouse are items you use to control the computer. Type words and number and move a small cursors or pointer around the screen to select things.

These elements above are called Hardware. For a computer to utilise all the hardware it needs (as mentioned ) software, When you started a computer up by pressing the power button, the first piece of software that is loaded is the operating system. For example, Windows 7.

This operating system is you base for all your operations. You use this base to load other software onto it. It’s a bit like having carpet on the floor, then you put furniture on top of it.

A computer has almost an endless amount of uses.

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Storing pictures, Videos and Music
  • Browsing the internet
  • Designing
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • And many many more uses


There are many computer guides out there that can help you get to grips using a computer we recommend this guide to all our users.
Its simple to understand, and will have you quickly browsing the internet or even writing a new best selling Book!
What ever you goal is, this guide will help you achieve it.



Sep 02

Speak English American

Speaking English with an American Accent

Speaking English is very advantages because a lot of the world uses it to communicate .

Being able to speak the language properly has lots of benefits.

  • Easily get the jobs you want
  • You can speak with visitors and tourists
  • You can communicate with friends and relatives in English speaking countries
  • English is one of the most spoken Languages in the World
  • The majority of the internet is written in  English
  • Understand what English speaking people are saying quickly


We have found an amazing course that has just been adapted to help people who speak English and want speak better English, or for those people who need to speak english from scratch and can not speak any English.

This Guide can also help you to speak with an American Accent, if whatever reason you want to lose your current accent, then this guide will help to speak English with an AMERICAN accent if you wish.


Check out this guide below, you will not be disappointed and will be very happy you looked.

Good Luck with your English Speaking

Click Here! to get the English Speaking With an American Accent Guide

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